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Remember the Target of your Writing Assignment

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Writing may have many various targets. Here are some writing advice-patterns:
1. Summarizing: Introducing the key points or core of another text in a brief form.
2. Persuading or arguing: Expressing a point of view on a topic in an attempt to persuade other people that your opinion is accurate.
3. Narrating: Narrating a story or providing a number of events.
4. Evaluating: Investigating something to define its worth or value grounded on a collection of criteria.
5. Analyzing: Dividing a topic into its parts for examining the relationships between its parts.
6. Replying: Writing in a dialogue with another text.
7. Investigating or examining: Thoroughly questioning a topic in order to uncover or discover facts, which are not broadly accepted or known, in a way striving to be as objective and neutral as possible.
8. Observing: Assisting the reader to see and recognize a person, object, place, event, and image that you have experienced or watched through minute sensory descriptions.
You might be observing your dormitory cafeteria to understand what sorts of food students actually eat, you might be reckoning up the food quality grounded on quantity and freshness, or you might be telling a story about the way you got fifteen pounds while being a first-year student at college.
You can need to utilize some of these writing advice-patterns in your paper. For instance, you could use the first writing advice-pattern to sum up federal nutrition guidelines, estimate if the food being cooked at the dormitory suits those guidelines, and argue that alterations must be made in its menus to fit better those guidelines.

Necessary Advice

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If you are looking for writing advice, then it means that you are busy with writing something or you are going to write something, but the process doesn’t pass, as it should do. It is the common reason why people may look for writing advice. Now, let’s find out who is looking for writing advice, because the type of advice depends upon it. Writing advice can be necessary for writers. Writers are people, who are related to such spheres as literature, writing, editing, and publication. What writing advice can be necessary to such person? Probably, this writer has creative crisis and is looking for some advice on how to overcome it. Or writer may have difficulty with some aspect of the plot of his novel and looks for somebody who can suggest some way out from the dead end. Or writer may have problems with publication of his masterpiece, but in this case, he or she needs not writing advice, but advice from lawyer or some qualified editor.
Other category of people who may need writing advice is students of all educational establishments. If students look for writing advice, it means that they have problems with writing academic papers. It can be problem with philosophy essay, because certain philosophical idea is beyond human understanding. It can be Physics coursework connected with three Newton’s laws. Or it even can be a dissertation with its complicated literature review and dissertation proposal. In any case, writing advice for students can be found either at library or in the Internet

Writing Advices on Creating a PhD Dissertation

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Writing advice # 1. A PhD dissertation does not need to be associated with your Master’s dissertation. When you have composed your dissertation on a specific topic in a Master’s program, you should decide on a completely diverse theme for your PhD dissertation.
You must aim to opt for a diverse topic, as when you begin your PhD; you could not be interested in the topic of the Master’s dissertation. Though, your Master’s dissertation may be a preliminary issue for your PhD dissertation but it is a considerably dissimilar demanding uniqueness and originality.
Writing advice # 2. Compose your PhD dissertation on the problem, which you consider interesting and in that, you wish to become a specialist. Attempt to narrow it down gradually. When there is a specific topic, which may make you cry with pleasure whenever it is debated, go for it. Moreover, select a topic, which will put you an edge, as you are ready for applying for a job. Also, you need to consider the job market. For this purpose, you should converse with your professors and advisor about it.
Writing advice # 3. Your PhD dissertation needs to be original and it should contain material, which has never researched before. Also, it is not a simple assignment, but it is not unfeasible either. Keep away from copy pasting, but stay in touch with your professors and advisor. In addition, you need to make a plan and hold it, and you will be done before knowing it!

Importance of Advice

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Do you need any writing advice? In what cases may people need writing advice? Usually these people are students and they need writing advice concerning their academic papers. Students all the time have difficulties with writing difficult academic papers, because according to modern curriculums, students’ process of education is very intensive and it presupposes writing a big quantity of various academic papers. Students write such things as essays, courseworks, term papers, research papers and dissertations or theses. Most of all students write essays, because they are not as big as other academic papers and that’s why teachers don’t have problems with checking these academic papers. As for courseworks, they are also rather often academic papers; they are bigger than essays, but smaller than dissertations or research papers. The destination of coursework is to make student to study carefully certain theme and present the detailed information on this theme. Usually coursework is similar to the report. Term papers are written at the end of semester, term, or quarter. This academic paper is usually written on definite theme, which was studying during semester.
The meaning for research paper is obvious. Students carry out certain researches and then present results of these researches. As for dissertation writing, students write dissertations on order to get such degrees as Master degree or PhD degree. Receiving these degrees presupposes writing dissertation or thesis. It is possible to say that dissertation is the most difficult and the biggest academic paper in comparison to others.
With such quantity of academic papers, it is understandable that many students need writing advice in order to be able to write successful academic paper. The source of writing advice can be teacher, scientific instructor or the Internet.

Advices on Creating a 5-Paragraph Essay

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A 5-paragraph essay is a usual simply type of essay. Such essay consists of the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

Writing advice: The introductory part must be kept very short and it must not contain citations. It is a nice idea to finish is part with a sentence presenting the major issue of the first paragraph in your main body like a ‘hook’ that adds to the work’s flow.

Writing advice: The first paragraph includes the point, which the writer regards main to the thesis. It should be declared strongly and with persuasive supporting proof. The paragraph must pick up this ‘hook’ to support the stream of the argument and finish with an analog ‘hook’ to connect paragraph two.
The second paragraph includes the second strongest issue or a summarization to the issue created in paragraph one, enlarging and extending it. It will include evidence to maintain issues created and a ‘hook’ joining the third paragraph.

The third paragraph, like in the preceding paragraphs, will start by connecting to paragraph two but the intermediary ‘hook’ into the part of conclusion should signal to the audience the purpose drawing your argument to a close.

Writing advice: The conclusion is a summing up of the essay’s thesis. While no new proof will be comprised at this stage, it is allowable to utilize quotation. The part should repeat the thesis, summaries the main body and point out the direction, which further study could take. It is a nice idea to finish with a strong statement, which leaves the audience with the impression that your essay has completed the thesis in the restriction of the specific parameters.