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Writing Advice

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It is not bad if you rely only on your own forces when you are doing something. If you have experience when other people who promised to help you, let you down. Then it is normal that you want to rely on somebody except yourself. But soon or late, it is necessary to notice that not all people are so bad and there are really honest people who are glad to help you or at least give you useful advice. Sometimes good advice can be much better then any real help.

If you are a student, it is not surprising that you are not against useful advices, which can help you with your studies. Among all advices, which you can get, writing advice may be one of the most precious ones, because writing academic papers is not an easy thing and that’s why writing advice can really help with this difficult activity.
In order to write good academic paper, either essay or dissertation, it is necessary to make efforts. But if you don’t know what efforts should be made, then you certainly need a writing advice. Do you know where it is possible to get such advice?

First of all, you can get necessary writing advice at your teacher. He or she is obviously more experienced in academic paper writing and if this teacher asks you to write some academic paper, it means that his teacher knows how to write it.

Next variant where it is possible to find writing advice is the library. This is source of information since early times and something dedicated to academic paper writing you will certainly find.

And at least here is the third variant, which is suitable for advances students who realize that they live in XXI century, not in the Middle Ages. It is the Internet. It can give you many different writing advices. You task is to choose those ones which are suitable for you.

Some Writing Advices for your Dissertation

September 26, 2008 No Comments →

Every student is looking for a sound writing advice while creating his or her dissertation. Here you will find something useful on the content and style of your dissertation.

Your dissertation is a type of academic work. You need not to create something original, but you should show your understanding of main problems and theories; evidence of insight and thought; evaluation and critical analysis, and a show that you have been capable to research a subject within your professional field and introduce your findings properly. Simple report is not enough that will cause a low grade.

Among the recommendations is one writing advice that states you need to write in an apt academic style, evading phrasal verbs, colloquialisms, contractions, and vagueness. You should not use long and over-formal vocabulary, but you need to aim at for concise and clear expression.

And one more writing advice. You need to avoid too much individual language (“my,” “I,” etc), though opinions on this differ. As a rule of thumb, you can use it while describing what you did and when express personal opinions, perhaps in your conclusion. Do not name yourself as “we” until you are depicting some kind of group work, and do not name yourself as “the author”: it is confusing and pompous.

Do not use “her/his,” “he/she,” etc. The excellent way to escape this and be non-sexist is to make your subject plural no matter when it is possible. For instance, “A teacher should be in control of her class.”

Writing Advice

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If you need writing advice, then this article is just what you need. So, let’s think why people may need writing advice. If we speak about adults, such necessity may be connected with writing certain letters or other similar papers. But if we speak about students, then the necessity of writing advice is very clear. Students need writing advice because they have to write many academic papers and often they don’t know exactly what to write in this or that type of essay or in term paper and coursework. Every type of academic paper has its own peculiarities of writing and it is obvious that students don’t know all these peculiarities. So, in order to write successfully any type of academic paper, they need writing advice.

This writing advice can be asked or it can be read. As for the first variant, it can be done only if teacher who knows abut writing definite academic paper is able to explain you in details everything. If first variant is impossible, then second variant is possible all the time. Fist of all you can find writing advice at special books at the library. There are many methodological books, which explain how to write all kinds of academic papers. If the information presented in books is not enough, then use the Internet. There you can find plenty of different information about every academic paper. A lot of such information is presented at custom writing websites, so it will be wise if your visit them and read articles written by writers who have experience is academic paper writing.