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Some Tips on Writing Papers

July 30, 2008 No Comments →

If you need to write any kind of paper and you want to do it in the best way, you should look for some pieces of writing advice. I will try to give you assistance in the kind of writing advice.

Writing advice #1: Choose the topic for your work in accordance with the accessibility of information and the currency of the problem.

Writing advice #2: After gathering important material for the paper, (it is advisable to visit special websites), you should make the essential sketch of your work.

Writing advice #3: Get acquainted with the standard structure of your paper and divide the work on the sections. (The basic parts of all works are the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion).

Writing advice #4: Write the whole text holding to the norms of writing work.

Writing advice #5: It is wise to reread the text attentively or give it to your trustworthy people who will show the weak points of your paper.

Writing advice #6: Finally, you should make editing of your work to correct some discrepancies to the norm.

It is not important to be a talented writer in order to create good papers. You need just to know some tips that will help you to cope with your work in excellent way. If you take into account the given pieces of writing advice, it is a guarantee that you will write the work that will be graded perfectly. I wish you good luck in writing your paper!

Interesting Writing Advice

July 17, 2008 No Comments →

Interesting Writing AdviceDear students! When you start writing any academic work, you should know that there are such things that make your writing better, still there are such things that worsen your work once and for all.

That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the different pieces of writing advice, which are offered by many sophisticated writers.

In this article all pieces of writing advice will be about the manner of writing. You should know how it is better to write. You should know what way of writing is acceptable and more interesting for readers.

So, free pieces of writing advice are specially for you:

- Try to write up to the point. To use words in order to fill in the space is not reasonable. You should demonstrate your abilities to write briefly and informative. If you cannot write without expletives, then make sure they do not heap up the sentence.
- Use different adjectives the more interesting and attractive adjectives you add, the more pleasant to read your writing. As you should demonstrate that you care about your readers, then the usage of such adjectives is a good way out.
- Write in active voice. All academic papers do not like passive voice. It is better to re-read your work and change all passive constructions onto active ones. Of course, if the change is impossible, you may leave the construction.
- Be simple in your language. If you have such opportunity, then use as less as possible compounds. Readers get used to read simple words – if they face one more compound, they can close the paper.

So, think about your readers and choose the right way of writing and presenting the information.

Pieces of Writing Advice

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You take a pen and a sheet of paper or open a clear page of Microsoft Word and…stop! Hundreds of questions are dropping up at your mind. In case they do not, your mind is absolutely clear of any ideas and you need them desperately. What can help you in this case is good writing advice. So, here it is:

•    Writing advice 1: Ideas. Ideas have always been torturing writers by their double nature – they are the reason for inspiration as well as for the writer’s block. If you do not want them to be the reason for the 2nd  problem, do not try to find an extra-excusive topic for your paper. Write about simple things using an exclusive language;
•    Writing advice 2: Structure. Some experts consider the best way of making a qualitative paper is following the outline designed beforehand. The advice is useful for academic paper writing only. If you are writing for a web, you do not need any outline. If you follow the plan strictly, your language will be poor. The structure will come on its own while writing an article for a web;
•    Writing advice 3: Style.  Ordinariness does not attract. Sympathy arises on the basis of desire to single out. However, a good taste is extremely important in this case. A good taste in writing means using a good writing style – providing useful information in an unusual manner. Practice being exclusive in writing is the first step towards glory.