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Writing Advice for those Who Write a Dissertation

May 20, 2008 No Comments →

I am sure that people who are writing their dissertation will always be happy to get another writing advice. This writing advice can concern any part of the dissertation. This time we are going to give you a writing advice on the other people around you. Do not be surprised and keep on reading.

Definitely you are not a single person. You have a family, friends, perhaps colleagues at your work and academic department. Writing a dissertation is a great event not only for you. Your close people will also be anxious about it. I am sure that everybody will try to give you the most precious advice and provide a kind of help.

On the one hand, this is great. You are not alone and somebody cares about you. Yet, on the other hand, this can hinder your work significantly. For instance, you have not decided on the topic yet. Do not worry, you will hear hundreds of suggestions. Probably, some of them will be useful.

Still, you should not be influenced too much with the standpoints of the others. You may take into considerations their attempts to help you. But it is you who have to make the final choice. Think of your specific interests, goals and the aims you want to achieve. If they do not coincide with those of your relatives or friends, do not be shy to reject their ideas.

Do not forget that nobody from your surroundings will write the dissertation instead of you. Thus, do not take an unnecessary burden of someone else’s ideas to be implemented in YOUR dissertation.

Do Your Best in Writing!

May 16, 2008 No Comments →

To get many pieces of writing advice is not very difficult. The World Wide Web is full of interesting ideas and suggestions for writing. The problem is… how to pick out the most practical writing advice and use it in writing.

When you put into searching such words as “writing advice” or “writing tips”, you get in return a plenty of pieces of advice that can easily improve your writing. I get only one question: “Have you ever used all of them at once???”

To my mind it is better to pick out one writing advice and follow it, while all writing process. I have heard a lot of different pieces of writing advice, still in my writing I use only one:

It is necessary to know what you write and like what you write!

Only in the case when you know how and what you should write, and you like doing this, the results of your work may be great. When a person does not like his/her job, it is impossible to present qualified piece of work.

You should find several reasons that make you like your work. It is possible to do by means of review. Try to sit down and think about what you will write. Think over the way of your writing and the manner of your writing.

I think that this writing advice is the best among the list of tips, which are given to writers. And it does not matter what type of writing you should present!

Who Gives Writing Advice?

May 15, 2008 No Comments →

The internet is full of writing advice and other aids, aimed to help the students to cope with their writing. The writing advices are uncountable. And each day the new advices appear, different from the previous.

Would you like to get to know who the author of these advices is? If you know their author, you will get to know if you should follow these writing advice, and if it is safe to listen to them.

I will discover a secret for you. Writing advices have a lot of authors. Some of hem may be given by the ordinary students like you are. They give the tips which helped the on practice, and they want to share their experience with those who needs help.

Other writing advices are offered by the teacher, who also have a very big experience, and they feel like helping their students.

However, the most part of writing advices is given by the professionals whose work is to generate such advices. They study the requirements to the academic writings and the new tendencies. And then, they write specific writing guides and manuals full of writing advices.

That is why there is such a great number of writing advices in the internet. All of these people work hard every day in order to provide you with guides and manuals. And you should respect their work, as without their help you would have to work much more difficult on your own, and you would make much more mistakes in your papers.

Unaware of Writing? Writing Advice is Just for You!

May 12, 2008 No Comments →

What we all need when we face the challenge is a piece of advice. When being a student, you are assigned so many written papers, that your head is going around. How to write the paper? What to include into it? In this case writing advice is just what you need.

You are spending an amount of time just to find information when you could spend it on writing itself. You just need the information that could conclude everything you should know about writing the paper required. Writing advice will help you arrange all your knowledge of the information you should possess in a corresponding consecutive order. So, you will get to know what steps you should take in order to write your paper, what structure your paper should have, etc. Besides, writing advice should be interesting for you to read.

There is no better place where you could find interesting and useful information on writing all kinds of written papers that the internet. Still, getting writing advice is not actually enough to write your paper well. You should follow the advice given. Thus, your unawareness of writing skills is going away gradually.

One more source of getting writing advice from is your tutor. Perhaps, it is the best one, since nobody but your tutor will be checking your paper. So, you will have an opportunity to fulfill all requirements he or she sets. The main thing is to apply all your efforts to fulfill them.

So, if you feel unaware of writing, writing advice is exactly what you need.