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Ask for a writing advice

March 19, 2008 No Comments →

If you are at a loss on writing a good paper, if you have read a lot of guides and manuals, but none of them can help, you have the only solution. No, you have several solutions, of course, but now we are going to speak about the most effective of them. If the situation is sp hopeless, we recommend you to turn to somebody for writing advice. But you should not forget that this ‘somebody’ should be very competent and knowing person, so that his or her writing advice would not let you down. You had better asked for a writing advice from your paper supervisor. This is a person whom you can trust, for sure. The supervisor’s competence leaves no doubt. The supervisors know everything about your writing. And, if you want a writing advice which would really help you, you should not hesitate to ask your supervisor. Do not you know that you have a supervisor especially for such cases? You should not be afraid of her or him. What is more, if your supervisor gives you a writing advice, it is certainly that you will not make mistake following it. And if you ask for a writing advice for someone else, you take a risk of making something wrong. Remember, no one knows the requirements of your school or college or university better than your supervisor. Hence, this is the only person to give you helpful advice. A person from aside may give you such a tip which will not work in your institution.

Useful Article Writing Advice

March 18, 2008 No Comments →

It is more likely that there is no such a term in journalism as useful article. Yet, everybody can guess that a useful article is a piece of writing that gives some helpful information on a certain problem.

All of us have faced various problems in their lives. In this or that way these problems were solved and now you may have precious information for other people. This is a good reason to write a useful article.

Let us consider that you are going to write an article for those people who are trying to give up smoking and you need a writing advice. Perhaps you are not sure what the most important points you should introduce in your article. So, here is our writing advice for you.

Actually, the most difficult thing about giving up smoking is a desire and psychological preparedness for it. That is why our writing advice for your article will be focused on this exact point.

First of all a person should have a strong desire or motivation for giving up smoking. Otherwise he/she will not manage to get rid of this bad habit.

A person should try to persuade himself/herself that he/she really wants to give up. It is recommended to think about all the advantages and disadvantages of smoking and how one can benefit from giving up.

A person should be ready for physical and psychological discomfort. Nicotine dependence will show itself from both these sides and it will take time for these negative effects to disappear.

It is important to choose the proper time for giving up smoking. If you know that there is going to be a stressful period for you, e.g. exams or some significant tasks at work, it is a bad time for giving up smoking. You will need at least three weeks for overcoming the most unpleasant effects of giving up.

So, if you are going to write your useful article on this topic, you should also give some practical recommendations.

Writing Advice

March 12, 2008 No Comments →

Every student who endeavors to improve their writing skills certainly needs good writing advice. The writing advice given below will help you concentrate on your writing in case you prefer text typing.

  1. Isolate yourself from external interference. You may put on your headphones, but listen to nothing. Just listen to the silence;
  2. Get up as early as possible. Morning is the most favorable time for working. If you want your writing to be productive, follow this writing advice;
  3. Learn to stimulate yourself. For instance, if you write 3 pages of your dissertation, you will be awarded by a cup of tea and your favorite biscuit;
  4. Set a timer on 15, 20 or 30 minutes for just doing nothing. Rest is one more way leading to a progress. You are not a robot and certainly need a rest. Still, know where to stop. Your rest should not last too long. Define how much time will be enough for you to have a rest and do not prolong it;
  5. No matter what distracts your attention, set a full-screen mode of the program you are using. It is one more way to concentrate on your paper. May be sure, you will get involved into writing very fast;
  6. Change the places to write in. Take your laptop to the park. If you do not have it, you may use your notebook. Change of surroundings is always beneficial. It is also a good way to start working on your paper.

Follow the writing advice given above, and you will never feel depressed by the burden of academic papers writing.

Improving Your Essay

March 04, 2008 No Comments →

When you start writing your paper, you want to find some writing pieces of advice in order to improve your work. This time I want to give you one writing advice, and I sincerely hope that it will be useful.

So, take my writing advice into consideration:

You should write an essay. You should be creative. You should concentrate on this assignment. First of all, it is necessary to know what about your essay will be. So, you should plan your actions. It is better to plan everything in a written form, in order not to forget about the details, which may really improve your essay.

When you know for sure what about your essay will be, you should think about a catching and informative thesis statement. This will be your starting point. When you manage to write a good thesis statement, you have all chances to continue your work at a high level.

In your essay you should present not only your writing abilities, but also your personal ideas about the topic. You should demonstrate that you can think and logically present your thoughts in a written form. You should understand its importance.

So, how do you find such writing advice? I hope you get that in your essay writing process, that most important thing will be your ability to organize your ideas correctly.

If you face some problems or you are not sure that you will be able to write everything at an appropriate level, you should look for some help at the Internet. In this way no one will know that you doubt in something and you will stay anonymous.